Proverbs 29:18 States Where there is no vision the people perish.With that said the vision of full gospel apostolic ministries is as follows.We are a ministry dedicated to the Great Commision in Matthew 28:19-20 by evangelizing declaring Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.and preaching that salvation is only found in Jesus Christ for there is no other name whereby mankind can be saved,and ordaining men and women as ministers and sending them forth thus fulfilling the great commisssion of Jesus Christ.therefore we are here to serve not only the people in our local community,but also to everyone who comes in contact with this ministry and feels the Spirit telling them to get involved.we use every tool we can for the Lord including doing baptism, funerals,weddings,ordainment,annointed preaching,and everything pertaining to the work of the ministry and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Thus we are determined to knock down all our  doctrinal barriers that seperate christians in this generation and come together in one accord as christians from all churches ministries and walks of life join hands and work together for the gospel of Jesus Christ because we owe that to Jesus Christ he died for all of us. So no matter what denomination we invite you to join hands with us for the greater good of the world and christianity.DECLARING THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST...remeber the words of the saviour in luke chapter 9 verses 49-50 And john answered and said,Master we saw one casting out devils in thy name and we forbade him because he followeth not with us. And Jesus said unto him forbid him not for for he that is not aginst us is for us.

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