Ordainment Application
Full Name -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Are you ordained now?________________
If so with Who?________________________________________________________
Statement Of Faith _____________________________________________________
When Did the Lord Call you to the ministry?__________________________________
Do you have a ministry or Church now?_____________________________________
If so what is the name?__________________________________________________
What is your vision for your church or Ministry?-------------------------------------------------
What denomination are you?______________________________________________
Do you attend church now?______________________________________________
If so where?________________________________________________________
do you need a church charter ?___________________________________________
please give me a brief background on yourself spiritually.  in order to send this application to me you will need to copy and paste application and email it to me kenpo_guy2003@yahoo.com  or send it to my adress Rev.Brandon Lee Williams Full Gospel Apostolic  Ministries 1659 East County Road 425 South Carlisle Indiana 47838 if you have a copy of any ordinations you have recived in the past please send us a copy and leave us a phone number if at all possible. God Bless Rev.B.L.Williams D.D.
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